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March 2023

Easy and Simple Tips for Web Design Beginners

Top-10 Tips for Web Designers before they start Website Designing


Designing a useful and best website design on your commercial enterprise isn’t always hard. All people who uses internet every day is aware of what qualities they like in a template.

Your favored site that is a well design is commonly smooth to navigate and provide the statistics, services or products you like to know in a quick and smooth-to-discover manner.

Here are some of the simple design tips and suggestions for growing an expert website with website design software program.

Tip 1:Make Website design simple

That is the primary rule of any homepage design, whether or not you figure in virtual or print media. This is not required to give extra data.

They do not attract more visitors and they don’t assist your bottom line. For  simple business website or e-commerce website development in Pakistan, don’t encompass flashing animations, musical sounds or scrolling textual content that irritates visitor’s eye.

All you want are stock images i.e. are high-quality images and royalty-free and easy text which are nicely balanced on every web page, with a few hyperlinks and a few buttons to navigate so that the user can move easily from one page to others.

Web design sample by web design company in Islamabad

Web design sample by web design company in Islamabad

Tip 2:Focus on your homepage design

Place the most important & necessary data you think should be viewed first on your homepage and secondary data put on other pages followed by links. If it must be that a long way from the homepage, it isn’t vital. Put off it.


Home page design guide by web design design company in Islamabad Pakistan

Tip 3: Choose right color combination

Select a color with three soft tones to your web pages. Light blue work well on background. Use one or other shades for hyperlink buttons, your header and different design factors.

color selection during web design

However, text may be white with a dark past, which is often referred to as reverse textual content. Avoid colored text with purple, yellow, pink, and others. Also, the link text color should be blue.

Websites for Color Scheme Selection:


Tip 4: Choose the right web font for your design


Always Select a font wisely that is simple and easy for visitors to read.

Below are some fonts generally good for sites: Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, Verdana, and Times New Roman.

 Website for Font Selection:


Tip 5: Use small-size images

Always use small-size images on your website, so that the page load fast which is also helpful for increasing rankings in search engines as per Google requirements.

WordPress Plugins for image size compression:

Tip 6: Remove pop-up windows from the website

Don’t put pop-up windows on your website because while browsing websites people don’t want to be interrupted by pop-up windows, mainly advertisements.

remove pop-up window tip by web design company in islamabad

Sometimes visitors might think that why this website offers a forced like and get annoyed and maybe will not be your website returning visitor.

remove annoying pop-up tip by web development islamabad


Tip 7: Limit Page Length

Restrict page length to just one-page scroll. Blogs and articles may be longer, however, no one likes to scroll down a web page too far to locate the information they need.

A good sample is just shown below of how you manage your data and content in the best way and adjust your website page length properly.

page length sample during website design

Tip 8: Main homepage link is visible on every page of the website

Always put the Homepage link on each website page. This will help your visitors to go back to your website homepage in a single click.

It’s easy that use a sticky header in the website so that as the user scrolls or visits other pages of the website they get the menu header in front of his view and can easily get the information at his fingertips.

homepage design example by web design and develpment company in Islamabad Pakistan

To check this sticky header visit main page of website:

Tip 9: Contact details on each page

Place a contact link on the top or bottom of each page. It could be annoying for visitors to look for contact information if they want to contact you.

You can put Google Maps with complete address detail on the footer of your website. This also shows that your website is authentic.

contact detail on every page tip by web design company islamabad pakistan web matrix

 Tip 10:Use Text as links

Each link must be a text link because it is better for search engine optimization, together with the buttons at the top of a web page. You can choose any kind of button shape but they should have a word on the front of them, consisting of “home,” “buy” and so on.

textual links on web matrix website-professional web design company Islamabad Pakistan

Simply follow the above-listed tips while website designing so that your business website is easy to scroll and readable for all visitors. Simplicity always attracts new customers too. You may also choose ready-made web design templates that can help to achieve these goals.

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